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Beyond Biomag 3D App

Biomagnetic Therapy is an alternate form of natural therapy that uses a pair of medium intensity magnets to establish the body cells pH levels well within these acceptable limits. To empower the natural healing therapy, we introduced Beyond Biomag 3D and Beyond Biomag Practitioner apps to assist biomagnetism practitioners in the therapy of clients as well as capturing all medical information regarding the therapy of a client.

Software & Hitech

Biomag – Digital Marketing

The client is a reputed Biomagnetism practitioner who approached Helenzys to develop a mobile app in Unity 3D that assist Biomagnetism practitioners in the therapy of clients. Now, the client wants to enhance their visibility and reach relevant audience and increase their no of app downloads through their website.

Application Packaging


Helenzys developed an advanced Food Hygiene Management System to smoothen the documentation and compliance management process of food industries. Helenzys wants to develop a website containing all the needed information related to the product.

Penetration Testing

Digital Signage

Our solution helps in displaying beer menu details along with advertisements in the form of images or videos. We deploy templates to bar or restaurants at different locations using AWS microservices and node.js technology. When an end user calls an API with the template id and location id, the AWS services will do the necessary functionalities and gives the final website URL to access the website.

Brand Experience

BeerBoard – Remote Infra Support

Supporting in managing the Infrastructure at BeerBoard including regular monitoring of various services and documenting it. We manuscript Network, daily health checks, reporting raised tickets, proposed solutions to infra issues and maintenance plans as Network and Schematic diagrams. Also, proposing a simple, workable and cost-effective support model using smart tools and technical personnel. Based on the study, we propose a support workflow from ticket receive to closure.

Software Asset Management

BeerBoard – L1/L2 Support

Identify and report the cause of loss or high variance between beer poured and sold in the bars. We will analyze the poured v/s sold data from the daily tier reports generated by and classify them according to the loss/profit variance and raise tickets using the control panel. If the trend of variance in the previous 3 days is lesser than -5% or greater than +10%, then we raise the tickets to the Beerboard team who will attend to the customer (Bars) facing this issue.

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